Agadir Horse & Camel riding


25 €

 2 hours of riding

Enjoy a stroll or ride a camel, horse or camel in Agadir. Travel through the endless dunes of Agadir and explore the region on a traditional transport camel, dromedary! You will have all the souvenirs and taste the serenity of these literally enchanting places.

Hiking program:

-  Morning   : 10:00 am / 12:00 am.
-  Afternoon: 3:00 am  / 5:00 pm.

- Special offer: Hiking at Sunset at  5:00 pm.

Shuttle transfers to and from your hotel  (free)
Camel ride or trek on horse back to Agadir A promenade Camel or Horse are popular activities in Agadir and gives a lasting memory, especially for children. Daily visits in the forest of eucalyptus and the beach Excursion to Agadir Dromedary or horse back on Agadir 2 hours of walking.



  - Discover the traditional means of transport, the dromedary
   - Various landscapes: dunes and forests
  - The typical Moroccan Snack: mint tea, pastries
  - Observation of flamingos on the Oued Souss
  - Walk the picturesque country town.

Prices for 2 hours Hiking:

dromedary: 10 € /  2 hours

horse: 20 € /  2 hours



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Package 1:Go Discover
Agadir City tour
Camel Rider
Paradise Valley
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Package 2 : Go Active
Buggy Safari
Small Sahara 4x4
Boat Trip
Horse Riding
More Details
Package 3: Go Relaxe
Paradise Valley
Camel Riding
Quad bike
Hamam & Massage
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Package 4 : Go Out
Small Sahara 4x4
Berber Evening
Hamam & Massage
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